Investment is always the field that attracts a lot of domestic and foreign enterprises.With the trend of regional and global economic integration, many foreign investors  are interested and eager to invest in Vietnam. But most of businesses are familiar with the legal procedures in VietNam. In order to solve the difficulties and obstacles of domestic and foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam, VIETVALUE provides detailed consulting services on common problems of businesses during the investment process:

· Consulting,providing the most updated and accurate information regarding the policies and regulations of the law of Vietnam on investment conditions, the steps of implementation of investment procedures, the most notable legal risks during the customer's investment process, open markets roadmap of Vietnam after joining WTO.

· Legal Consultancy on the capital investment and assets in accordance with applicable Vietnamese law,such as foreign direct investment (FDI), joint venture, contract of BCC, BTO,BOT, BT, EPC, franchise,transfer the right to use the brand name; transfer investment project which uses land in industrial complex or single areas, trusted investment activities...

· Consulting on formulation of proposals for investment projects, order and procedures for registration/verification investment certificate attached or not with the establishment of an economic organization of domestic investors, foreign investors; propose the adjustments solutions related to the content of investment projects for the approval of competent authorities in Vietnam.

· To represent to implement the procedures for investment registration orve reification and all legal related issues. Besides, we represent to work with the competent authorities in process of project proposal appraisal.


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