Nowadays, a enterprise beginning to form until it joins the operation will undergo a process with many legal constraints. Enterprises cannot avoid "legal troubles" arising such as procedures for business registration, change of business registration, certification,…licenses, from internal business problems to contracting with customers. With the target of becoming an effective partner of any business having difficulties with the provisions of law, VIETVALUE provides a full range of legal services in the business sector such as:

·  Consulting in details on Enterprise Law and the concerned guiding documents, the procedures for establishing business with relations on a regular contribution or contribution in tangible assets/ intangible/ land use right/ assets attached with leased land, business conditions.

·  Consulting on corporate legal: merger and acquisition of enterprises (M&A),transformation of businesses,shares and legal status as well as the rights and obligations of shareholders -the General Meeting of Shareholders - governance council - Supervisory Board - the board of directors.

·   Consulting on corporate legal: separates, consolidation, merger, restructuring enterprises.

·   Legal advice on issues relating to Trade - Business - Intellectual property of the business, the issue of labor law, resolving labor disputes...

·   Consulting,representing to solve problems regarding dissolution, bankruptcy of enterprises with government agencies.

·   Dispute resolution and protect business interests through negotiations.

We always offers the best services, become a belief for many big enterprises such as ,… We are confident that, with a team of experienced lawyers and dynamic staffs, VIETVALUE becomes a trust for many large enterprises.

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